Great Lakes Surfski

is dedicated to the promotion of surfski paddling, fitness paddling, racing and touring within the Great Lakes region. Our goal is to provide the highest quality equipment to the discerned paddler. We have teamed up with Think Kayaks and G Power Paddles. We believe that our love for the sport of paddling is catching, and by founding "Great Lakes Surfski" in the heart of the Great Lakes, we can promote and grow this healthy, fun, and addicting sport at any level of involvement.

Think builds high performance surfskis for World Champions, as well as for the average Sunday River paddler. Great Lakes Surfski is based in Michigan and is proud to provide our service throughout the Midwest Region.

About Ulli

Founder of Great Lakes Surfski. Ulli began her paddling career as a K1 Sprinter while growing up in Salzburg, Austria. Having been competitively involved in every kind of athletic discipline for the past 30 years, Ulli has always considered paddling her favorite sport. Since settling on the shore of Lake St. Clair, Michigan, in 1980, Ulli has been successful in not only helping to develop the local paddling community, but also in introducing the Surfski to this region. Her enthusiasm and dedication is so catching that she envisions the Great Lakes Region becoming the hotspot for the sport of Surfskiing in no time. When not spending time with her husband and her now grown children, Ulli successfully competes at most major events in the Midwest. Once the sole local surfskier in the 80s and 90s, she now finds herself surrounded by many enthusiastic paddling friends in their own surfskis! Come join! :)